After School Party

I had approached Gift one day while she was waiting for the bus with some of her college friends. She didn't say much and her friends were giggling when I made a tit out of myself talking to her. In the end I just wrote down my number and hoped for the best. The same night she messaged me asking what I was doing and when she asked for a pic of my dick telling me she had bet with her friends I knew I was going to get what I wanted. The next day instead of waiting for the bus, she hopped in a taxi and came to see me instead. She was wearing her tiny college skirt and tight blouse, I asked her if she could keep it on during the shoot. She said no, but before I got too disappointed she pulled out her old school uniform. She told me she knew exactly what my type of horny foreign men want. She was right, I got the best in the end.

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