Piss Face Blowjob

I was out on a night of hard drinking downtown and that is about all that I could remember. So when I stumbled into the bathroom after waking up the next day with a terrible hangover I nearly went into cardiac arrest when I saw Mint sitting in the shower. Completely naked with her hands cuffed behind her back. When I asked her what she was doing in my shower she told me I had asked her if it was ok if I used her as a urinal and I had actually done so but failed to unlock her and went straight to bed after. I couldn't believe what I dick I really was. I apologized and promised to unlock her after I had gone to take a leak in the toilet. But she suggested I'd pee on her again instead, what a nice find she was. Watch her take my piss as a pro and clean my cock with her throat straight after. Watch her cock spring up every time she gags on my cock. This Mint truly is a different kind of fresh.

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