Rock Hard Rock Girl

I popped down to one of the best ladyboy venues to watch a bunch of them waving their hips around a shiny pole. I felt awkward as some of the ladyboys a saw recognized me and were giving me dramatic looks trying to convince me to invite them over, I felt like maybe not taking one home but just buy the ones I know a number of drinks and just drink the night away instead. But that all changed when I saw Jame walk up to one of the poles with a huge bulge between her legs, she was so horny that her cock was already hard while on stage. I quickly tried to make eye contact and when I did I gestured her to come over, she gave me a naughty grin and walked over sensually moving her hips. When she sat down I rested my hand on her crotch and to my surprise her cock actually wasn't erect at all. The promise of the sweet thickness was too much to bear so we just left instantly and shot this scene.

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