Ladyboy Madonna - Taped Nips Panties Aside Sex

Madonna is such a sweet fun girl, it is really difficult to deny her when she starts messaging you and telling you things you want to hear and how she misses you. I was exhausted so no matter how hard she tried I didn't feel bad turning her down. She didn't give up easily and started sending pics of her cute little crack along with dick pics and little video clips of her blowing kisses. I was able to fend them off though it wasn't easy, but then she took the game, she sent pics of her brand new barely healed boobs. I had no idea she had undergone surgery. She said the bandages only came off yesterday and she sent some pics of her boobs still wrapped up, she told me that if I'd be gentle she'd let me take them for a spin first. How could I not accept? Enjoy Madonna and her latest upgrade right here on Ladyboy Vice.

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