Ladyboy Maew - Big Dick Bareback Topping

Maew is one of the sexiest Ladyboys you'll find in Nana Plaza. Her pouty lips, her emotional eyes that seem like they could start crying any given moment. Her body is tall and fit with perfect tits. Everything about Maew makes you think you are dealing with a kind fragile well raised lady who does all she can to be a good housewife. Cleaning, cooking and looking after the kids in her perfect family life. But when the knickers come off and Maew's impressive dick is revealed, the image starts to shift from a lovely housewife doing everything her man requires to a special sort of lady that is at home during the day too. But instead of cleaning and watching the kids just takes it easy. Enjoys your money at the mall and food orders and has her way with your ass once you return from a hard day's work. I'm getting carried away talking about her, long story short, do all you can to spend some time with this special elite girl when in Bangkok.

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