Ladyboy Gan - Pulled Ponytail Cum Dump

Gan told me that she had made a new friend at work who wanted to make porn videos as well. She mentioned something about her winning some Ladyboy beauty pageant, that little detail convinced to jump on the opportunity and strike while the iron was hot. Whatever contest she had won, who knows what would be next for her, with a little bit of luck she would become a famous tv personality or fashion model. Then I would have a nice video or two with a celebrity. When I met her she downplayed the event, it wasn't exactly miss Tiffany or something of the sort and she didn't exactly look like a star but hey, what the hell, she was in my room, I had a boner and she couldn't stop touching me so here's Sunny's (a.k.a. Emmy) first hardcore video for all of you to enjoy. Whatever happens next, at least she will be famous.

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