Pigtail Ass Fuck

Many will agree that Emmy is a very convincing girly Ladyboy. Apart from her voice that sounds rather deep and cigarette laced. Which is actually kind of hot in a way. She is just plain ass sexy. I noticed she had posted a pic of herself somewhere in a mall, her hair was like I had never seen before. Two pig tails which made her look like a fresh girl in her late teens. I had no choice but to tell Emmy she had to come over and help me with my little bulge which had occurred in my pants. Emmy told me to help myself because she was busy, and though I tried to convince her. I was at that point too horny to go out and find someone else or wait for someone to come over anyway so in the end I did help myself. But did manage too get her to come see me the next day and so I had time to charge my recording devices and made a video out of it.

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