Jerked off with Sperm

Do you like pretty, cute, young, fit, firm and petite girls and even better, girls who are actually boys? If the latter, do you like the ones that have a dick that measures or possibly exceeds your own dick size? Then the girl in this video is probably the closest thing to perfection you will ever be able to find. Mickey takes great pride in looking as feminine as possible, she makes a huge effort to have the healthiest and most beautiful hair possible, she turns applying make up into an art form. All this and then comes her cheeky personality, her humor and her constant smile with clean white teeth and again, her big dick to hurt you with if you get too comfortable. I don't know many things, but one thing I do know, Mickey is gorgeous and she shall appear in many more videos after this debut video so everyone can enjoy her looks. Here's to hoping they make the cloning of people available sooner rather than later so everyone can enjoy the company of such beauty and fun, but until then, make sure you stick around with Ladyboy Vice to see more of her.

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