Too Rough To Love

I had seen Jolie walking her high heels late at night down Sukhumvit often. I wasn't really interested. She wasn't my type but this one particular night her outfit was so scandalous that she peeked my interest. Her dress was so short her nipples popped over the top end. But at the same time her bulge was peeking from underneath. She just screamed to be used. I had quite a few beers so I was like Fuck it! When we got to the room and I had her in cuffs she suddenly started yapping about how she always tried to catch my eye and how she wanted to be my girl and on and on. That was not what I had in mind so to show her to forget about me asap I spat in her face while she sucked me off and I didn't touch her body nor her dick. That should be enough to not ask me out on a date anytime soon.

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