Smooth as Gale

I had seen Gale around for a while, I noticed her naughty cute kissy face. I had approached her several times and asked her to make a movie with me, we got close to it but I lost my phone and didn't see her around for a while. All this led to me missing out on being the one to make her porn debut with me but at least I found her afterwards and made a video while pretending. I put a collar on her and cuffed her wrists to the side of the bed and had my way with her super tight little boy pussy. I was so engaged by her cute smooth little butt cheeks it seemed like her ass was trying to swallow my dick and I had to keep pulling it out or it'd be bitten off. I love this ass, I love this girl. If I were a better man I'd try to hold on to her as my girlfriend. But I'm not a better man so for now I'll just try to get her back for more of this.

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