Lost and Found

I hadn't seen Enjoy for a while and when I tried calling some bloke had picked up telling me off assuming I spoke his language. I was starting to get worried about the possibility of her having to deal with some angry possessive boyfriend and I had seen the last of her. I decided to find out more and popped down to the bar I first saw her. I went early so I could ask the girls there before they would have their "hands full" entertaining men. I entered and took a seat, ordered a beer and pulled out my phone in order to show a pic of Enjoy and inquire the girl who fetched me my drink. When I showed it to her she wasn't sure, but when I looked at the two girls walking in from the dressing room I spotted Enjoy, she was rocking blonde hair and her bangs made her as girly as can be, when she caught me staring at her drooling over my shirt she gave me the sexiest of smiles and I could not stop myself from smiling back and get hard even before she came over to say hi. I got her out of there as fast as I could, it turned out she had lost her phone so the guy who found was just some dickhead who hadn't even bothered to take out the sim card and got frustrated wondering why all these strangers kept calling, considering how pretty Enjoy is, the probably woke his ass up quite often to answer the question to what he was wearing. So anyway, Enjoy dressed in a baby blue sexy outfit and gave me what I had been hungry for for a long time.

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