Yellow Hair & Water

I noticed my favorite German candy lollipop Haribo had dyed her hair, I had been meaning to meet her again for some time and try to get her to taking my piss. She was rather shy when I asked her and revealed she had never done this before, she had never done it to someone else either. She asked me what it was like, I told her the truth. Haribo would feel surprised by the hot stream which she has seen thousands of times coming from her own dick. She would then feel awkward when it hits her skin and cover her. She would then be taken aback by the foul smell, maybe it would make her gag, she would feel it slide all the way down and drip from her cock and balls, she would be disgusted, feel dirty and worthless and then she would turn to her only purpose at that point which would be to satisfy me by making me cum. I'm sure she didn't understand all of it but when I rested my hand on her crotch I felt a throbbing dick screaming to be released from her tiny underwear. Her dick had already agreed to do it.

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