Spit Roasted By Ladyboys

I really love Vicky's skinny body. Her dick is huge and on her rail thin frame and it looks enormous. I had been thinking about her dick in my ass all week so I asked her to come over. She asked me if I missed her big cock and I said yes. She asked if I like big cocks and when I said yes again she said she had a surprise for me. Enter Jazzy. She has a much fuller figure but her dick has ass tearing girth. I was a little worried and it hurt like hell when she pushed in but after a while I just gave in and I could not stop myself from moaning with each thrust, she really made me feel like I was being used and my ass belonged to her and I must admit, I loved it. Watch the naughty Vicky and Jazzy spit roast me and then suck me off right now.

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