Naughty Little Naomi

I had seen pictures of Naomi in which she seemed to be a pristine girl but something inside told me that could just be an act. The old playing hard to get scheme which usually just makes things even more interesting. I was caught off guard though while I was on the skytrain and felt we were at a stage where there was no need to make sure the surroundings are secure. There I sat thinking she had just sent me another cute kawaii picture of herself in school or having food or something but when I unlocked my phone pictures showed up of Naomi engaging in acts that were all I could have ever wished for while I was a teenager and I nearly dropped my phone as I felt like the old lady next to me was showing interest in my chat as well. I'm pretty sure she didn't actually see the pics but she must have noticed me trying to conceal my groin area. I met up with her shortly after missing my stop ... with Naomi, not the woman next to me.

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