Ladyboy Bami - Dark Skinned Horn Bitch

Where most models exaggerate the "fashionably late" rule which I hate, Bami showed up early and caught me off guard making my drop my phone when she suddenly banged on the door like she was with the gestapo. When I opened the door and waited behind it to avoid being seen naked by other guests at the hotel I noticed a bulged entering the room first. Bam had a full hard on even before we got started. This was one horny girl that couldn't wait to show herself to an audience. She couldn't stop watching the porn on television even after we finished and was pushing for me to show her the video we just made and she would do anything I wanted. That's the kind of girl I was looking for. Bami has been contacting me every five minutes or so for an encore so don't be surprised if she will show up in some additional videos in the not so distant future.

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