Ladyboy Ayumi - College Braces

A boy that looks like a girl, but has the sex drive of a teenager. Is willing to do anything to please you. And no one needs to know. Life could have been so much better when I was young. But it wasn't. I didn't have access to a girl like that so here's to making up for lost time. Maybe it was just because of the Japanese nickname but Ayumi reminded me of those Japanese anime girls when she looks up to you with her big eyes while your dick is sliding back and forth in her mouth. The ones that cry and whinge all the time when they are being raped in those naughty adult anime videos. I had her hands cuffed behind her back as you do and owned her innocent face. It was so hot I decided to not fuck her after all and just watch her cute face pleasing my cock all the way through, she did a fantastic job so I showed my approval by covering her face in cum.

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