Ladyboy Kitty - Pure Bottom Bareback Gape

Wow, just wow. Whenever I see Kitty I just don't know what to say or think. She has truly one of the most pretty faces I have ever seen on a Ladyboy and she is so classy, it is a miracle she is even willing to meet me, let alone make porn with me. Unlike many other Ladyboys, she really has class and is so well behaved, she doesn't connect with many people let alone fellow Ladyboys, as far as I know, her only close friend is that other top 10 of all time cutie Enjoy. In fact, Enjoy was the one who introduced her to me, without her, none if this was ever gonna happen I reckon. This time we had time to do testing first so she agreed to make it extra special by going bareback. She is so perfect, the only small downside is that the hormones make it difficult for her to grow an erection but the upside is she is very feminine, just having her within a meter from you makes you want to impregnate her. You might notice some acne on her back, it's because of the surgeon who gave her her beautiful rack. It's plausible because Enjoy, who got them around the same time had exactly the same after she had her bolt-ons from the same clinic. Anyway, way too much detail here, let the girl do the talking, watch the sensational Kitty in her new video only on Vice.

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