Ladyboy Anna - Bent Over Throttling

I was browsing an Asian dating website to improve my language skills but to be honest more to see if maybe somewhere hidden there would be some pretty Ladyboy looking for something naughty and I came across Anna's profile. She looked very sweet and sexy so I contacted her and chatted for a while and then two hours in I thought, fuck it, go for it! I straight up asked if she would like to come and play the flute. She said as long as I'd pay. I didn't expect that because I thought that site wasn't used by pros but fair game, I told her I could do that but only if she'd let me take a video so I'd have a new face for Ladyboy Vice and a girl who's up for fun. It worked out fine, she knocked on my door within the hour and we made this video. Enjoy Anna's debut right here.

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