Ladyboy Nutty - Pee All Over My Face, CIM

One of my favorite things to do to pass the time is invite a sexy Ladyboy over and do things to her I'd never do to my partner and afterwards just part ways and not receiving miss you texts all the time. Things I like to do most include put the handcuffs on these sexy girls, place them on the bed and make them watch me drink as much as possible and see my belly swell as if it's going to burst. All the while realizing that what goes in must come out and when it does, they will be on the receiving end. I make them wait for it. A drink in one hand, my other hand between their legs with a finger up their ass to hold them in place. Then when I finally can't hold it in much longer, I drag them to the bathroom by their hair and enjoy the huge sense of relief while I empty my bladder. Not many Ladyboys are willing to take the piss, but luckily Nutty is among those who'll do it if you ask nicely. Enjoy Nutty's kinky golden shower right here on Ladyboy Vice.

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