Ladyboy Junely - Cock Cage Sissy

Junely's thick plump lips just seemed to be created to pull any straight man into Ladyboy experimentation. I have had others before her but I'm pretty sure if I had never played with a Ladyboy and one night she would've crept up on me and tried to seduce me with her tall slim body, beautiful eyes and her sexy big lips she would no doubt have pulled me right into the dark side. For my first encounter I slapped a collar on her and cuffed her and let there be no room for doubt about who's boss. Junely's dick seemed very dangerous and I was worried she might overpower me and stab my ass without a condom and since we didn't have a chance to take a test that night that seemed like a bad scenario. So just in case, I locked away her pretty shaven dick as well. Watch how she takes dick as a pro in her first ever hardcore video and enjoy Junely in all of her sexiness right here on LadyboyVice.

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