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Vicky's athletic body and thick dick are very exciting. She looks skinny but make no mistake, she is very powerful. If you get into a wrestling match she might well humiliate you in front of everyone. Wrestling Vicky is a good idea though, but do it in the privacy of your room, she'll get you hard in seconds when you both struggle to find out who is stronger. I wasn't sure if Vicky appreciates me letting my piss rip all over her so I cuffed her for my own protection, but she didn't mind. She didn't appreciate the smell of coffee my piss filled the air with but the sensation of hot piss drenching her she said was hot. I enjoy giving the showers but not so much receiving them, I'll make sure not to get into a wrestling match with her again because she might give me an unannounced little shower if she manages to overpower me.

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