Bareback Punishment

Nutty is always such a turn on with her hair tightly pulled across her head in a pony tail. It gives me the sense that she is very much into power play and bondage, that and perhaps the fact she usually has a stuffy as soon as the cuffs are slapped around her wrist. This time I wanted to take it a step further and bought a spanker to slap her ass with and a new gag which I picked up in a sex shop in Amsterdam. Her fit body in restraints her mouth gagged, her smooth shaven boy pussy ready to receive cock, it leaves no doubt on where to take it next. I was so excited that I just slipped inside and rode her ass bareback. She loved having her ass owned even more than I did, so after the video she switched off her phone and then slapped the cuffs back on herself while looking back over her shoulder inviting me to have my way again.

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