Skinny & Fresh off the Bus

Nahm has this innocent countryside Issarn nice girl charm all over her and it makes sense because that was exactly where she came from, when I met her, she had only arrived in Bangkok a few days earlier for her first ever visit to the capital to chase cock. Sure the boys back home tried to prick her when they were drunk and brave because of it but she said she wasn't all that impressed by what was on offer there. Nahm said she wanted to try imported dick. This was why she had put in all the hours in her local gym. To have a body to seduce a foreign sucker, I for one didn't mind to give her a spin. When it was over and I asked her to meet me again for an encore later that week she told me she had what she came for and if I were here next time around she'd meet me again. Or come visit her in her hometown, who knows. Maybe I'll take this show on the road someday. For now, watch her first ever hardcore video right here on Ladbyoy Vice.

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