Cuffed Blowjob Debut

I had been seeing this really cute Ladyboy Amanda, trying to get her to come home with me. One late Friday night, everything was going great, we were in the back of a club making out. she was rubbing my dick and I thought it finally was the night. But then, she stopped kissing and said she know what I wanted and if I wanted it I had to do something for her first. I told her I'd do anything, I was ready for whatever, then she pushed her friend towards me. I was puzzled, she had a smirk on her face while touching Amanda's flat chest. She told me Amanda hadn't had any luck meeting men and that id maybe she made a hot sex tape and it got out how horny and willing she is it would turn the tide. I wasn't into Amanda at all, but I knew I had to oblige in order to reach my goal, so I agreed. But only if I could slap the cuffs on her and give me her best blowjob ever.

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