Two Flat Chested Beauties

I went out for a drink on a Friday night, horny as can be so I went to a spot where you can find as many ladyboys in one place as possible, so yeah, that would be downtown Pattaya. I had some food and drinks at a restaurant first before I made my way to a club. I saw one of my favorite skinny ladyboy friends moving sensually near the bar scanning the dance floor for a nice guy so I jumped in front of her, maybe I wasn’t what she had in mind for the night but seeing her looking the way she did she sure was what I had in mind for the remainder of the night. I asked her to come with straight away and ditch that place before someone else had the chance to snatch her away, but she told me she was out with Vicky and she didn't want to leave her behind so early on. I agreed that wouldn't be nice, so nice guy as I am, I told her to come along.

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